Shakopee Crossing Limited Partnership (SCLP) was formed for the acquisition and development of 535 acres in Shakopee, Minnesota.  The partnership was formed with approximately 40 limited partners in anticipation of the approval, funding and construction of the Highway 169 Bloomington Ferry Bridge.


Bloomington Ferry Bridge over 169 opens up areas just south of the Minnesota River to new development and growth in Scott County.


Following the approvals of the Planned Unit Development, and various infrastructure improvements, SCLP improved several residential subdivisions and developed a multi-builder program in single family lot areas.  Every residential lot was sold.


SCLP sells approximately 38 acres to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.  With this anchoring of the retail component of the development, SCLP pursued additional opportunities.


Developed approximately 80,000 square feet of multi-tenant strip space.  Sold or leased (ground) several outlets near this initial retail area between our strips and the Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart operations.


Opened up the east side of the land bisected by highway 18 (now 21) with the sales to Home Depot and Ryland Homes.  These developments brought roads and infrastructure to additional areas of our development.


Built Southbridge One office building.  Worked with the school district in recognizing their desire to place an elementary school within Southbridge.


Sold property on the south side of 18 and future Highway 21 to Kwik Trip, Ryland Homes, Centex Homes and Chipotle.  Sold land to Scott County for the development of the first transit station for the newly formed Scott County Transit Authority with over 300 parking spaces available.


Over 20 businesses have located to Southbridge Crossing and we are poised for the future with multiple letters of intent and commercial building opportunities.